A few WWDC 2017 highlights

Yesterday, June 6, Apple opened its annual developers conference. This year’s keynote had something for every Apple user — from the Apple Watch to new professional workstations. For example, a new feature in the Watch will automatically start selected playlists when you start a workout. And the powerful new iMac Pros, due out at the end of the year, will support 128GB of ECC memory.

As an daily iPad user, two coming features in iOS 11 caught my attention. First, a sort of poor-man’s virtual reality; or more specifically, enhanced reality. The feature lets you view your local environment live on screen and add virtual objects. Think about viewing a selection of new couches placed into your living room.or

But more important, iOS will finally get a basic file manager. You’ll be able to move files into folders and otherwise manage both iCloud and third-party application files. Yea! That’s especially important for current iPad users who have the latest version of the operating system. If you were upgraded to the new Apple File System (APFS), it’s likely that none of the current third-party files managers offered in the App Store will work.

iOS 11 will also allow quick and easy person-to-person money transfers (perhaps the favorite new feature in the sex-trade business).

Maps will be enhanced to include floor plans for big malls and airports. And Photos will let you create loops from Live photos, create a “run backward” effect, pick the best primary image from the Live set, and other improvements.