Canon’s 7D Mark II

I’ve owned a series of Canon DSLRs over the years. Back in the old film days, I was strictly Nikon, as were most professional photographers. But Nikon somewhat dropped the ball on it’s early digital SLRs. One of my coworkers had to send here camera back several times for sensor cleaning. And as a digital-camera reviewer, I found Nikon’s layers of menus difficult to follow.

The first DSLR I actually purchased (after reviewing numerous models and brands) was the Canon 30D. It was a great camera — until it developed the infamous ERROR 99 while I was shooting in the Sierras. The repaired camera lasted less than a year before the problem reoccured. At that point, Canon offered to sell me a refurbished 7D at a discount.

I was mostly happy with the 7D; as someone who was frequently shooting in the backcountry, I soon wished for automatic GPS image tagging. So when Canon released the GPS-equipped Mark II version, I soon upgraded.

Sadly, I’ve found the 7D Mk II’s GPS-location locking painfully slow. In many cases it takes many minutes to find satellites and get a portion lock — if it gets a lock at all. I’ve not seen any useful comments about this problem online, but the small size and placement of the antenna can’t be the cause. I have a SUUNTO GPS watch with an equally small antenna, and it gets a lock within a minute or two.

I’ll have to do more research with Canon, but ideally a firmware upgrade would provide a fix.